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March 2018 Catch




On 3-20-18, Evansville Dispatch put out a BOL on a stolen silver passenger car. Shortly thereafter, Sgt Jason Cullum initiated a vehicle pursuit of a stolen car south on First Ave from Tennessee. The pursuit led him down several city streets and eventually out onto west bound Diamond Ave. I observed the pursuit west bound on Diamond toward me. I deployed Stop Sticks on the vehicle on west bound Diamond at Pigeon Creek. The vehicle continued west bound on Diamond Ave past St Joseph Ave. A Vanderburgh County Deputy was in the median and was attempting to deploy stop sticks in the west bound lane when the suspect drove at the deputy who jumped out of the way deploying stop sticks. The vehicle crossed into the east bound lanes as he struck the Stop Sticks. The deputy was able to get more tires deflated only leaving the left rear. The suspect then turned north on Mesker Park Drive at approximately 40 mph. The driver was moving around in the vehicle and began rubbing his head as if he was agitated. The vehicle was all over the road trying to keep control due to deflated tires. The vehicle went around a curve at the intersection of Mesker Park and Kleitz rd. The driver lost control of his vehicle crossing over onto Kleitz Rd and into a yard. The vehicle continued toward the front of the house where I observed the driver’s door come open.

The male had opened the door as the vehicle was still moving and jumped out, rolling across the yard. The male jumped up and sprinted off behind a residence. I stop in front of the residence and deployed K9 Doc. As he went east around the house as I began yelling k9 commands and down a hill where k9 Doc apprehended the suspect in the leg. I had him at gun point ordering him to stop resisting and to show me his hands. He then reached up and had K9 Doc around the head as I was trying to get him under control. The suspect continued to fight and he grabbed K9 Doc by the throat. I then punched the suspect on the right side of his face as the fight continued. Sgt. Wittmer, Cullum, Officer P. Smith and Vantlin arrived to assist me. After the officers tried taking control of the suspect, I took K9 Doc off the apprehension. The officers continued struggling with the suspect who refused to give up his arms to be handcuffed. Sgt. Cullum asked for the K9 again, so I looked up to where they were struggling and observed them still fighting with him trying to remove his hands from under his torso. I brought K9 Doc up to his lower legs and he reapprehended him as we continued yelling at the suspect to release his hands and stop fighting. Once his hands came back to be restrained, I took K9 Doc off the apprehension.

No other force was used by K9 Doc or myself. The suspect was transported to Deaconess for treatment. The suspect was arrested for Felony Resisting, Auto theft, reckless driving, possession of methamphetamine and possession of paraphernalia. He was booked into the Vanderburgh County Confinement Center.

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