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February 2019 Catch




On February 1st, 2019 at approximately 1626, Sgt. Nilssen was using an unmarked car to do surveillance on a residence. Deputies received information that a person who frequents the location and had a felony PTR warrant out of Vanderburgh County for Arson. While watching the house, Sgt Nilssen observed the wanted subject exit the residence with multiple people and then retreat back inside. Myself and several other deputies were in the area and surrounded the residence.

A female was located outside with a misdemeanor warrant coming from the apartment stairwell. The female said our target was inside along with an additional male who also had an active PTR and another female. Due to the seriousness of the charges, I took my certified K9 partner Archie to the bottom of the enclosed stairwell to make an announcement. I placed Archie on a six foot lead and made two loud verbal announcements stating "Sheriff`s Office K9, anyone inside, come out now or you will get bit." After not receiving any compliance from my warnings, I took my partner to the door located at the top of the stairwell. The door was locked, so I retreated down to retrieve a ram to make forced entry. Once I reached the bottom of the stairwell, two females opened the door with their hands in the air. Both females were instructed to walk down the stairwell while maintaining control of a small dog. Once the females were outside, they were taken into custody without incident due to both having active felony warrants out of Vanderburgh County.

Neither female in custody would confirm or deny that anyone else was inside the apartment. After receiving the initial information that our target and another wanted felon was inside the apartment, I took my partner to the open door at the top of the stairs and made two additional announcements. I did not receive a response or any compliance from anyone inside, so I instructed my partner to search the apartment. Both male subjects suspected to be inside were known narcotic users, with felony warrants and were in the same apartment where a replica pistol was located last month. Archie cleared the west bedroom, a bathroom and a kitchen before entering a living room. I let Archie search the area and noticed he showed a lot of interest near a couch sectional. Archie jumped on top the couch multiple times looking down before he jumped to the floor and closed his mouth to ingest more air through his nose. Archie scratched at the couch that was flush with the floor before lifting it with his nose. As soon as Archie`s head went under the couch, I heard a male voice shout "I give up." I then lifted the couch and saw my partner had apprehended our target on his left knee. I instructed the subject to stand up while showing me his hands and he complied. Once deputies were able to control his arms, I instructed Archie to release his hold and he quickly let go. After the male was in custody, an open switchblade was located underneath the couch, where he was hiding.

Archie then continued to search an additional bedroom in the apartment for the second suspect. Deputies found an opening to a crawl space in a ceiling that lead to an additional opening crawl space above it approximately 12 feet off the ground. Inside the space at the highest point in the area the second suspect was located holding onto the exposed chimney brick and wooden rafters. Five total subjects were taken from the residence with felony warrants and one subject with a misdemeanor.

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