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January 2022 Find




On January 19th, 2022, Deputy Taylor conducted a traffic stop at the intersection of Main Street and

Franklin Street on a Mitsubishi Eclipse for traffic violations. The driver of the vehicle had a prior arrest

history involving narcotics and left an area well known for narcotic sales. The offender was asked to step

out of the vehicle and once she exited, she immediately locked her vehicle and denied deputies consent

to search. While Deputy Taylor worked on his paperwork for the violations of the vehicle operating on a

public roadway, I retrieved my certified K9 partner Archie to conduct a free air sniff.

Archie was placed on a six foot lead and instructed to conduct a search for the odor of narcotics. Archie

made two laps around the vehicle before having a behavior change near the driver`s door seam. Archie

closed his mouth to ingest more air through his nose and bracketed before giving a final indication.

Archie sat at the driver's door showing me he was in the odor of a narcotic.

Shortly after we told the offender that due to the indication of a certified narcotic K9, we needed her car

key to search the inside of her vehicle. The offender immediately became non-compliant and resisted

deputies. After retrieving the key, a spoon with burnt residue was located in the center console. A

further search revealed a Crown Royal bag hidden behind the fuse box on the driver`s side of the

vehicle. Deputies noticed the fuse box was loose and appeared to be tampered with so it was removed.

The bag was located behind the dashboard underneath the steering wheel. The bag was not able to be

seen until Deputy Sander laid on the floorboard. Inside of the bag, deputies located 6.3 grams of a white

substance that returned positive while being tested in a Narco Pouch methamphetamine test kit.

Deputies also located a glass pipe with white and burnt residue in the bag. A total of approximately 69

various other illegal narcotic pills were located and entered in the property field. The subjects phone

was seized after a judge issued a warrant to pull the data. Those results are pending to enhance the

subjects charges to dealing. The offender was charged with possession of methamphetamine,

possession of a scheduled 1-5, possession of cocaine or another narcotic, possession of paraphernalia

and resisting law enforcement.

Deputy Griffin Bush/K9 Archie

Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Office


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