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November 2020 Catch




On 11-13-20 K9 Officer C Offerman, responded to the 1700 Block of N Ruston Ave reference a Domestic Violence in Progress. Officers advised the suspect left after committing DV in the presence of a child and the family believed him to be armed with a gun. Offerman deployed, Certified Police K9 Cash, on a 15’ tracking lead to the last known area of the suspect. Offerman gave a loud K9 Warning, “Police K9! Surrender now or get bit by a dog.” After waiting and no response, Offerman instructed K9 Cash to locate the unsearched fleeing felon. K9 Cash picked up the track between the houses just south of 1710 N Ruston and continued into the backyard of the house directly to the south. K9 Cash continued over the backyard fence and continued south. In the backyard of 1622 N Ruston, K9 Cash located the suspect’s jacket in between two yard bards at the back of this property.

From there, K9 Cash went over another fence to the west into the backyard of 1621 N St James Blvd. There was a detached garage that K9 Cash tracked to, worked around the garage and would not leave it. K9 Cash worked his way back to the man door on the garage, sniffed the door seam and began alerting. The garage door was locked. Offerman gave the suspect verbal commands to show his hands and come to the door. The suspect was slow but did comply. The suspect opened the door and was taken into custody by Officers J Duff and N Pitt without incident.

Respectfully Submitted,

Sgt Jason Thomas

Evansville Police Department


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