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We are very sad to have let everyone know that Jimmy Sweat Sr. has passed away. Jimmy was very instrumental to Region 5 and a very active member until his retirement. This man put 30 plus years into dogs. He will be sorely missed. We send his family many thoughts and prayers in this difficult time.

James L. "Jim" Sweat Obituary | Snyder Funeral Homes

Check Back Soon For Jim's Tribute Video! Man’s best friend – the very metaphor for loyalty – had nothing on Jim Sweat. 


K-9 Lux (10-26-2020)

Today we lost a great dog. K9 Lux served the city of Lexington with honor for many years with Handler Chad Karsner. After retirement from LMPD, Lux went home and had a wonderful retried life with Chad and his family where he was one of the family and greatly loved. Unfortunately health issues took over and Lux crossed over to the land of kongs and tugs.

Today we honor Lux. Prayers for the Karsner family for their loss.

K-9 CANTO (10-17-20)

The Frankfort Police is sad to announce the passing of Retired Officer “K9 Canto”.

“Canto”, a Dual Purpose German Shepherd imported from Europe, served the department and community for the better part of 7 years before being retired to live with his handler, Assistant Chief Derrick Napier and his family. “Canto” served loyally and faithfully. He played a crucial part in the tracking and apprehension of dangerous criminals, as well as taking pounds upon pounds of narcotics out of our community. “K9 Canto” passed peacefully at the age of 11 at the veterinary office with his handler by his side. “He was a lovable wild man to the end!” Our thoughts and prayers go out to Asst. Chief Napier and his family.

Rest easy Canto, we have it from here!

FPD K9 Canto, End of Watch: October 17, 2020

K-9 AXEL (10-12-20)

Evansville Police Department

October 12 at 4:00 PM · 

It is with immense sadness and heartache that the SIPCA Team would like to announce the untimely passing of EPD K9 Axel. K9 Axel served the City of Evansville faithfully for 8 years alongside his best friend and dad, Officer Zach Elfreich. Some might argue that this dynamic duo was one of the best this great City has ever seen. K9 Axel competed in many regional and national events during his time of service and either won or came in the top 20 in every single one of them. He was Top Dog for the USPCA Region 5 several times throughout his career. K9 Axel was a force to be reckon with but most of all he was a family man and loved his family with all his might. Our condolences go out to Officer Elfreich’s family and all that had the pleasure of knowing K9 Axel. He will be greatly missed. Rest easy buddy we got the watch from here.

EOW 10-12-2020

K-9 RIZZO (6-23-20)

K9 Rizzo, Chandler (IN) Police Department, EOW: 06-23-20


Rizzo was a 4-year-old German Shepherd who started service as a dual-purpose patrol dog with the Evansville (IN) Police Department.  He was purchased by the neighboring Chandler (IN) Police Department in the fall of 2018 and upon finishing training with his new handler entered service in February of 2019.  He was employed by CPD primarily as a narcotics detector dog and used for non-criminal tracking and article searching.  His service with CPD resulted in the arrest of over 21 individuals for narcotics-related charges.  In 2019, at the United States Police Canine Association's (USPCA) Region 5 detector dog trials, encompassing the states of Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio, K9 Rizzo placed 2nd place overall.  On June 23, 2020, while recuperating in his kennel from a medical procedure, Rizzo was found unresponsive and deceased.  The cause of death was determined to be splenic torsion.  His service with the Chandler Police Department lasted only 16 months and 1 day but his memory and spirit will endure.  He was a faithful, loyal partner.  He was a good Dog. 

K-9 BRIX (5-4-20)

Kettering Police Department

May 4 at 12:16 PM · 

It is with a heavy hearts that we announce the passing of K9 Brix. K9 Brix passed away during the night of May 4, 2020 with Lt. Brad Lambert by his side. K9 Brix was imported from the Czech Republic and purchased from Shallow Creek Kennels in 2008. Lt. Lambert and K9 Brix completed an intensive 280 hour Patrol and Narcotics K9 certification at the Middletown Police K9 Academy.

After achieving certification, the K9 team began serving the City of Kettering and surrounding jurisdictions; accumulating an unbelievable career as one of the most dependable tracking, apprehension and narcotics K9 Team in the region. K9 Brix and Lt. Lambert were also assigned to the Kettering Regional SWAT team, deploying with the team on numerous operations.

K9 Brix and Lt. Lambert competed at multiple regional and national certifications. K9 Brix won numerous awards and was named “Top Dog” for the United States Police Canine Association in 2012 and the Ohio Law Enforcement K9 Association. In 2010, K9 Brix earned Top Dog honors, scoring 450 points; the second place K9 team was 250 points behind. Competing at this level takes a tremendous amount of time, sacrifice and determination but Lt. Lambert and K9 Brix excelled.

A further testament to K9 Brix and Lt. Lambert's hard work was the number of successful street tracks, apprehensions and narcotics finds during their tenure as a Kettering K9 team. Most of these uses were self-initiated, showing the dedication, drive and selflessness of the K9 team.

K9 Brix retired from service in 2015. K9 Brix and Lt. Lambert remain one of the best K9 Teams in Kettering history. K9 Brix will be greatly missed by the Kettering K9 Unit, Kettering Police Dept. and K9 teams across the region. Please keep Lt. Lambert and his family in your prayers.

K-9 BUBBA (10-07-19)

It is with a very heavy heart and great sadness that we would like to announce the passing of one hell of a police dog, retired EPD K-9 Bubba.

K-9 Bubba served with his Handler, Det. Wayne Hunt, from 2006 to 2012 in the Joint Task Force Narcotics Unit. Bubba was 14 years old and was a rescue from a local animal shelter. K-9 Bubba has enjoyed retirement living with now, Sergeant Wayne Hunt and his family since 2012.

K-9 Bubba was laid to rest this evening at the FOP PAL Camp Cemetery alongside all the other K-9’s that have served our region. Our heart felt condolences go out to the Hunt Family. K-9 Bubba may be gone but he certainly will not be forgotten.

K-9 ORY (5-19-19)

It is with great humility and sadness that the Lexington Police Department announces the sudden passing of retired police K9 Ory on May 19, 2019. 

K9 Ory was a member of the Lexington Police Canine Unit for approximately five years before being medically retired in 2016. He was a United States Police Canine Association certified narcotics detection and patrol canine and served the city of Lexington selflessly during his tenure as a member of the Canine Unit. Partnered with Officer Patrick Murray, Ory took part in public demonstrations too numerous to count, building searches, tracks for missing persons, as well as tracking for violent criminal suspects when needed. K9 Ory removed illegal drugs from Lexington’s streets daily while assisting the Bureau of Patrol as well as the Special Investigations Section Narcotics Unit. When Ory retired, he went to live with the Murray family.


When Officer Murray returned home Sunday, he called to Ory and noticed the dog was acting strange. Ory collapsed and was rushed to the veterinarian for emergency care. Doctors worked tirelessly to make a diagnosis and ultimately removed Ory’s spleen due to internal bleeding. Unfortunately, retired police K9 Ory was unable to make it out of surgery and succumbed to his internal injury as soon as the procedure was over.  

K9 Ory was 8 years old and was very loved by his family. The Lexington Police Canine Unit officers and their K9 partners send condolences to the Murray family and shares in the loss of Ory. Times like these are reminders to K9 officers about the special bond we have with dogs. As handlers, police dogs have become a huge part of our lives and we will never take for granted the faithfulness and courage that our canine partners give to us. 

The gift of undying trust, loyalty, and bravery in the darkest of nights, and the brightest of days, is what makes a dog chosen for public service so special. Not all of our heroes walk on two legs.

K-9 BOSKO (2-5-18)

On Monday February 5th. K-9 Bosko of the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office passed away.  Bosko was 9 ½ years old and was the partner of Deputy Bryan Bishop.  His burial was this morning, Friday, February 9th, 2018 at the FOP PAL camp K-9 Cemetery.  He will be missed. Please click the link for a release from the Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Offce.

K-9 GARIK (7-25-17)

It is with sincere regret that I must inform you of the untimely passing of retired police K9 "Garik". K9 Garik passed away today with his handler Officer James Burnette by his side. God Speed K9 Garik, and let this once again be a reminder to those who serve and carry the badge that not all heroes walk on two legs.

K-9 DARO (7-12-17)

It is with sincere regret that I must inform you of the untimely passing of retired police K9 "Daro". K9 Daro passed away today with his handler Retired Officer Darrell Jones, and his wife Michelle by Daro's side. 
The Lexington Police K9 Unit would like to extend its sincere condolences to Retired Ofc. Darrell Jones and his family, as they are as much a part of our family as K9 Daro was. God Speed K9 Daro, and let this once again be a reminder to those who serve and carry the badge that not all heroes walk on two legs.

K-9 CHAOS (5-12-16)

It is with great sadness and humility that we share the untimely passing of retired Police K-9 “Chaos.” K-9 Chaos passed away early Thursday morning (5-12-16) at his home here in Lexington with handler Officer Brian Burnette and his wife Holly by Chaos’ side.

K-9 Chaos

Chaos joined the Lexington Police Department in 2007, serving the city and its citizens with great courage and dedication until he was retired in 2014.

For approximately seven years K-9 Chaos apprehended more than 50 suspects wanted for various offenses, the majority violent felonies. Chaos was an exceptional police dog and the K-9 Unit and its handlers would like to send our condolences to Officer Burnette and his wife, as they are as much a part of our family as K-9 Chaos was.

God Speed K-9 Chaos, and let this be a reminder to those who serve and carry the badge that not all heroes walk on two legs.  

K-9 AJAX (2-8-16)

The Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Office announces passing of K-9 Ajax (pronounced "eye-axe"). Ajax was was placed in service in 2004 and was retired in 2013. A Sable German Shepherd imported from the Czech Republic, Ajax racked up some impressive numbers during his career. Ajax apprehended dozens of felons and located thousands of grams of narcotics during the nine years he spent assigned to his handler, Sgt. Robert Clark.

Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Office Press Release
​February 8, 2016

K-9 AZAR (1-4-16)

K-9 Azar served the Loveland Police Department in Ohio and recently passed.  Thank you K-9 Azar for your service. Thoughts and prayers to Jose and his family.  

K-9 BOBI (1-17-14)

K-9 Bobi joined the Evansville Police Department in December of 2005. After training  with his partner, Officer Jason Thomas, Bobi began patrolling the city of Evansville in the spring of 2006.  In 2007 Bobi and Jason became fully integrated members of Evansville S.W. A. T. Team.


Bobi was a member of Region 5 of the USPCA.  Bobi earned several awards including the 2011 region 5 Top Dog.


The Evanville Police Department provided a kennel for Bobi that was used only briefly. Bobi had his own room and couch at the Thomas home. He lived indoors with his handler Jason, his wife ( EPD Det.) Crystal, a Rottweiler named Cato, and two cats.


In the October of 2013 Bobi developed a tumor under his front left leg. The tumor was surgically removed. There were healing complications and Bobi had to have a second surgery. In November Bobi returned to full duty. After a consultation with an oncologist it was found that Basal Cell Carcinoma cells were still present. This is an unusual tumor in dogs and very aggressive. Bobi began oral chemotherapy and continued to work.


On January, 3 2014 , after 8 years of service, 10 year old Bobi went to roll call and caught his 91st apprehension on his last night at work.


At the time of Bobi's retirement, several larger tumors had returned.  There were several other indications that the cancer had spread and Bobi was in discomfort. Bobi had trouble walking and intermittent spells of difficulty breathing. On January 17th., just two weeks after retirement, Bobi was laid to rest at the K-9 cemetery at the FOP PAL camp in Evansville.


Bobi will be remembered as a partner, family member, and friend.


Bobi's final out of service call:

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