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October 2015 Catch




On 22 October 2015, I responded to 2916 Locust Dr. to assist in serving a felony manufacturing dangerous drugs warrant on Steven Sexton. Steven was known to have several prior felony arrests for dangerous drug possession and manufacturing.

As we approached the residence we observed Steven in the side yard. Steve observed us and immediately began fleeing on foot toward the river levy. We ordered him to stop and he refused. We began chasing him, canine Aki was sent to apprehend Steven Sexton however; he jumped the backyard fence and ran into a thick brush and tree line. We set up a perimeter around the brush and had very low visibility inside. Officer Caito made three clear and loud announcements that a K9 was on scene and would be deployed if he did not announce his location. After approximately one minute without a verbal or physical surrender, Officer Caito deployed his partner to locate Steven.

Aki entered the brush at which point he located the defendant and apprehended him on the left side of his chest. Officer Caito then entered the brush and made contact with his K9 partner and Steven. Officer Caito verbally gave canine Aki the command to release, as canine Aki posted beside Officer Caito; Officer Bender placed Steven into custody.

Besides the three outstanding warrants for Steven Sexton and additional two felonies were added for drug abuse meth and five misdemeanors were added onto the arrest.

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