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January 2022 Catch




On 01/08/2022 at about 00:09 hours, I attempted to stop a passenger car for an infraction. The suspect pulled into a driveway and continued through a yard showing no attempt to stop. The suspect was able to get back out onto the roadway and ultimately flee in his vehicle. Due to there being snow in the yard I was not able to get back out onto the roadway in time and lost sight of the vehicle. A local city unit heard my radio traffic and was able to find the vehicle. When he attempted to stop it, the suspect fled in his vehicle again.

The city unit was able to follow the suspect vehicle until it crashed just inside Vanderburgh County. The suspect fled from the vehicle on foot. The city officer attempted to chase him on foot but ultimately lost sight of him. Assisting units were able to establish a perimeter.

When I arrived, I deployed my K9 partner Raji, and put a tracking harness on him with a 30-foot lead. I casted Raji around away from the vehicle in hopes he would come in perpendicular to the track. Raji head snapped and put his nose to the ground and began tracking. Raji pulled me into a neighboring back yard and jumped a chain link fence. He continued tracking south through the yard and jumped a second chain link fence. I observed his head come up. I took Raji back across the second fence again and casted him around in the yard. Raji head snapped again and pulled me over to a cluster of dumpsters. Raji apprehended the suspect who was hiding behind a makeshift barricade that he had made by using the trash dumpsters. The suspect was taken into custody without further incident and was treated at a local hospital.


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