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September 2021 Find




On 9-13-2021 at approximately 2300hrs Sgt. Nilssen called me in to have my K9 partner, Dozer, attempt an article search. Once I arrived on scene I was briefed about the incident and informed they had located a holster and live ammunition in the yard but could not locate the gun. I was then lead to the back of 6021 Danville Drive behind a yard barn and shown where the holster was and where they located the suspect. I went back to my patrol car and placed my certified K9 partner, Dozer, on a 15 foot nylon lead. Once out of the car I lead Dozer to the side of 6021 Danville Drive and gave him the command to seek.

Dozer pulled me to the back of the property and began working between the wood line and the back of the shed which was approximately 25 feet wide. Dozer then began working the back side of the yard barn and continued to bracket along a small opening under the yard barn. Dozer did not give a final indication so he then began working the wood line and just inside the woods. Dozer did not show any interest in the woods and again pulled back to the shed and again began working the back side of it. Dozer eventually became still approximately six inches from the back of the yard barn and continued looking at a grocery bag full of items on the ground not searching any more and not wanting to leave the area. This behavior indicated to me Dozer was alerting on an article. I informed assisting deputies of the location they needed to search. Deputies went to the area I informed them where the old grocery bag filled with dirty and wet clothing was. Deputies moved the bag and located a semi-automatic hand gun that was sitting underneath. Deputies then photographed the firearm in its location before collecting it.

Upon further investigation it was determined the suspect had a verbal argument with his neighbor.The argument turned physical where the suspect his the victim with a glass causing a cut to her elbow and eventually pulled a handgun out.The suspect then hit the victim with the handgun in the mouth knocking out the victims tooth.The suspect then retreated to the yard of his residence where he fired the handgun in an unknown direction.The suspect then hid behind his yard barn until deputies arrived.The suspect was later arrested for: L5 Battery with a deadly weapon, L6 Criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon, AM Possession of a handgun without a license.


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