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April 2022 Catch




Ptl. Hall and K9 Thor Catch: April 17, 2022 @ 0700 hours

Ptl. Hall responded with crews to a disturbance on Norton Ave. The disturbance involved a known wanted subject for multiple felony charges. Upon arrival, it was learned the subject fled on a bicycle and fled from backup officers when seen. Ptl. Hall responded to the last known location of the suspect and located an abandoned backpack and bicycle in addition to fresh tire tracks and an open yard gate. Ptl. Hall deployed K9 Thor for a track of the subject. K9 Thor went to the area and put his nose to the ground assuming the tracking posture. K9 Thor tracked through the yard of the open gate and into an alley where the suspect was seen running. K9 Thor then tracked to a detached garage farther down the alley. When K9 Thor reached the detached garage, his head came up and he showed behavior changes indicating on an odor source. Thor began barking and units entered the garage for a search. A search of the garage located a ladder leading up to an attic. The wanted subject was located lying in a fetal position and sweating profusely. He was taken into custody without incident and the warrants were confirmed. K9 Thor’s track to the building and positive indication were critical in locating this known wanted subject.


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