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March 2016 Catch




On 03/05/2015 at approximately 03:35 hours, Officers George and Hermann called off a foot pursuit in the area of Kerth and Taylor where a black male suspect had fled from a Blue Ford Flex on foot. The officers lost the suspect in the area of Taylor north of Monroe. I advised assisting officers to set a perimeter, and asked that an officer check the vehicle, to determine if we had a more serious crime. I responded to the vehicle, and was aware that dispatch had earlier put out a stolen vehicle dispatch on a teal Ford Flex. I ran the VIN with dispatch, and confirmed that the vehicle was stolen. I advised the assisting officers, and Hermann and George returned to the scene.

I then yelled two K9 warnings. "Police K9 surrender now, or you will get bit". After no response, I placed K9 Gonzo on a 15 foot tracking lead, and took him to the area where George and Hermann had last observed the unsearched fleeing felony suspect. K9 Gonzo immediately started tracking towards the alley between Parkside and Akin, and went North from Taylor. Gonzo was very excited in this alley, and it was determined that George and Hermann, had looked in this area for the suspect before the vehicle was confirmed stolen. Gonzo worked out the track, and continued East across Akin . We were working the East side of akin, between highway 41 and the houses. Gonzo was working a set of 6 foot privacy fences, hard, and I heard a woman`s voice call out "who is it" I responded "its the police, go back in your home". At this time, Officer McKinney then observed the suspect run back west across Akin towards Parkside. I had jumped the suspect up, and we quickly moved to that area. Gonzo then tracked north across Madison at Parkside, and worked north along the houses in the 1100 block of Jefferson. Gonzo then started to work back east through the yards towards 41. Gonzo then crossed the alley back south towards Madison, and into the back yard of 1124 Madison. Gonzo was very excited in the yard, I observed an abandoned garage, with an unsecured door. I opened the door, and yelled "anyone in here call out, or you will get bit". I got no response, and I let Gonzo inside, who quickly climbed over a bunch of trash and debris, working towards the corner farthest from the man door. Gonzo apprehended the suspect by his right arm, but I could only see one of the suspect`s feet at this point. I ordered the suspect to show his hands, and the suspect quickly complied. Due to the amount of debris, I released Gonzo verbally from the apprehension and had the suspect stand up. I told him that if he did not comply, that the dog would be released again. I backed out of the garage, and then ordered the suspect out at gun point. I then had the suspect lay on the ground, until Officer Kemmerer arrived and handcuffed the suspect. The suspect was confirmed as the driver of the stolen vehicle by Officer George and Hermann.

The suspect was transported to Deaconess ER for treatment.

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