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Catch of the Quarter 2016 (1st)




On 2-29-16 at 1129 hours Middletown Police responded to assist Butler County Deputies at Madison High school due to an active shooter. Prior to arrival officers were informed we had had at least two students and multiple shots fired. Suspect had fled from the building toward a wooded area. The School Resource Officer was attempting to cut the suspect off by getting in his cruiser and heading to West Alexander Rd. During this action he was able to observe the suspect heading back toward the school. The deputy than turned around blocking the suspects travel. The suspect then went up a hill where he dropped his weapon that he had been seen with. The School Resource Officer held his location knowing several units where already on scene. Officer Caito with his partner canine Aki quickly arrived and began a track from where the weapon was located with a cover team. It was unknown at that time if suspect had additional weapons Canine Aki immediately began tracking in a South East direction through a wooded area, as they approached an area with thick underbrush the suspect came out with his hands up and surrendered to the cover team with Officer Caito and canine Aki. The suspect observed officers on State Route 122 and West Alexandria setting up the perimeter and could see Officer Caito with canine Aki as they approached with the cover team. The length of the track was approximately 250 yards, due to canines quick response the suspect was apprehended and no further incident occurred.

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