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May 2016 Catch




On 05/13/2016 at 2200 hours, Deputies attempted to stop a vehicle, a 2003 Silver Ford Taurus with KY Plate 665DNC, on SB Tekoppel under the Lloyd for a traffic violation at 2138 hrs. The driver failed to stop and fled in the vehicle from the deputy initiating the stop. Officer Condiff was nearby and took the #2 position in the pursuit. After 6 minutes, the suspect vehicle crashed out at Streuh Hendricks/Posey County Line Rd at 2143 hrs. Officer Condiff saw the driver running from the vehicle into the woods. K-9 Gero and Officer Bueltel were enroute as soon as the pursuit started from N First Ave and arrived at 2147 hrs.

Bueltel placed a tracking harness and a 15-foot tracking lead on K-9 Gero. He then yelled a K-9 warning 2 times while Gero was locating the track. K-9 Gero then located the track and pulled me hard to the west. They went about 100 yards and came to a creek. They crossed the creek and casted around, but Gero pulled back to the creek. They then went into the creek and went about 50 yards to the south in the creek, passing by an area where Bueltel observed fresh footsteps and also observed a grey hoodie in the creek which is what the suspect was last seen wearing. They then went west out of the creek into a wooded area which was thick with briars and underbrush. Gero then continued to pull hard to the west and north until Gero apprehended the suspect laying in some tall weeds and brush. Gero apprehended the suspect prior to Bueltel seeing him and his hands. Once Bueltel observed both of the suspect’s hands were empty, Gero was released from the apprehension. Deputy Rolley then placed the suspect in handcuffs.

The suspect, identified as Roger D Douglas, was then escorted out of the woods and transported to Deaconess Hospital for medical treatment. Det. Pieszchalski took photos of the minor cuts on Bueltel’s forearms from the thorn bushes/barb wire and then took photos of Douglas`s injuries. Douglas had 4 puncture wounds from the K-9 apprehension, but also had minor scrapes and cuts all over his body from the thorns and barb wire in the woods. Doulgas also suffered injuries to his head and shoulder from the vehicle crash.

It was discovered that Douglas had a felony warrant out of Kentucky and the vehicle Douglas was driving was stolen out of Owensboro Kentucky. Douglas will be transported to VCCC on multiple felony charges.

This wooded area was extremely thick and the suspect attempted to hide by crossing the creek and traveling downstream inside the water. The suspect was still apprehended due to the excellent work by Officer Bueltel, and K9 Gero.

Respectfully Submitted,

Sgt. Hoover

Evansville K9 Unit

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