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August 2016 Catch




On 08-14-2016 Officer Henderson was called to assist Francisco PD in reference a Pursuit they had with a subject that had a Felony Warrant and might be armed. He went to the area of 1050 E / 125 S in Gibson County, Oakland City. Henderson met with Officers there who advised on what had happened. They informed Henderson that the suspect had wrecked his truck and fled on foot.

Officer Henderson took Qaos to the truck and initiated a track for the suspect, the truck was located at the intersection of 1050 E / 125 S. Henderson did not give the K9 warning due to the possibility of the suspect having a gun. 3 Officers followed as back up. Qaos immediately pulled them to the North across a fence then in a North West direction. They continued in that direction through wooded area then north along a bean field. Along the edge of the field Officers located a tennis shoe that the suspect had lost. Qaos continued North then he cut West through the field. The beans were approx. 4 ft tall. Qaos pulled extremely hard West all the way through the field then when they got to the wood line Qaos turned and started tracking South West along the wood line. Qaos continued tracking South West until they came up to the same road they had started on. Qaos then turned West on 125 S where he tracked for approx. 1000 ft. As they came to a driveway at 10144 CR 125 S Qaos turned north into the driveway. Qaos tracked north down the driveway then then back East across a concrete pad. On the East side of the pad Qaos turned back south, and at this time Officer Henderson observed a barefoot print in the mud. Qaos continued tracking south back out to the driveway. Qaos started losing the scent so the officers assisting started looking in the area where Qaos started losing the scent. Henderson took Qaos up to a garage. There was a storm door on the garage and it was locked from the inside. Officer Henderson pulled it open and went inside with Qaos. A Deputy from the Gibson County Sheriff’s Dept. went in with Officer Henderson. As Henderson and Qaos were clearing the south side of the garage the Deputy looked inside a van and observed the suspect lying in the back seat. He ordered him to show his hands and the suspect immediately complied and followed commands to come out.

The entire track was over ¾ mile and lasted for over an hour. The suspect was charges with Resisting LV 6, Resisting A Misd, Reckless Driving, Hit and Run PI, OMVWI, and his No Bond Warrant. This was excellent work by Officer Henderson and K9 Qaos in apprehending this Felony suspect.

Respectfully submitted,

Sgt. HooverEvansville K9 Unit

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