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September 2016 Catch




On 09/12/2016 at 00:20 a male entered the residence of 1306 Edgar St. The male used a ladder on the west side of the home to gain entry through an upstairs window to the home. The male then went into the bedroom where two juvenile females where sleeping and shut the door. The male then woke the juvenile females and the females started to scream. The male then exited the bedroom and went down stairs and exited the residence.

Deputy Griffin Bush and his K-9 partner, Archie, arrived on scene and began tracking. Archie tracked through several yards and down an alley where Archie located the suspect lying on a roof of a garage. The alley was dark and the suspect could not be seen from the ground. Officers arrived and ordered the suspect to the ground. The suspect was taken into custody without further incident. The suspect was identified as Mickey Owen. Owen was identified by the victim’s father as the person he observed inside his residence. A resident of 1306 Edgar Street, separate from the father of the juveniles, positively identified Owen as the suspect that was inside 1306 Edgar Street.

Owen was then transported to EPD Headquarters for an interview. Detectives read Owen his Miranda Rights and Miranda Waiver and he agreed to speak to them. Owen admitted that he used a ladder that was in the yard to access the top story window on the west side of the home. Owen stated that he then entered the home through the window and went into a bedroom where there the two juvenile females slept. Owen stated that the girls woke up and he told them not to be alarmed that he was the police and that the house was on fire. Owen stated that he then exited the bedroom and went down the stairs and out the back door of the home. Owen also admitted to having a detailed plan for abducting the two juvenile females. It is believed that Owen may be an emotionally disturbed person.

On 09/21/2016 a forensic interview was conducted with one of the juveniles. The juvenile stated that she was sleeping in her room on 09/12/2016. The juvenile stated it was sometime after midnight when she was awakened by a man in her room. The juvenile observed the man masturbating as he rubbed her leg. The juvenile began to yell, which caused Owen to flee the residence. After police left the residence, a backpack containing duct tape was located in the room where Owen had been.

Owen was later charged with multiple felony crimes, including burglary(Level 2 Felony) and child molesting(Level 1 Felony). This was a great job by Griffin and K9 Archie locating an offender for a very violent offense.

Respectfully submitted,

Sgt. Rob Clark

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