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July 2017 Catch




At 1926 hrs on July 7th, 2017, Ptl. Andrew Disalvo and his partner K9 Nash of the Kettering Police Department, Ohio, were dispatched to assist the Centerville Police Department in apprehending a Robbery suspect who had fled during an attempt to arrest, injuring a CPD Officer as a result. They were dispatched to the Chase Apartments, specifically to Stonington Circle and Maplestone Lane, where the suspect was last seen.

Once on scene, Ptl. Disalvo was advised a nearby resident from 506 Stonington Circle had just observed the suspect running southbound towards the tree line at the south end of the property. Ptl. Disalvo deployed K9 Nash on a track attempt in this area, beginning by walking a patrol route along the tree line. Almost immediately, K9 Nash rolled his shoulders forward, put his nose to the ground and began tracking into the thick wooded area. This wooded area was approximately 100 yards, leading southwest up a steep and muddy hill. They crested a hill, exiting the woods and into the parking lot of Papa Murphy’s Pizza (832 S. Main Street in Centerville, Ohio).

As they started through the parking lot of Papa Murphy’s Pizza, Ptl. Disalvo observed the suspect headed towards S. Main Street (State Route 48) through the parking lot. The suspect turned and looked at the K9 team and then continued fleeing on foot. Warnings to stop or the K9 would be released were given, but the suspect failed to obey. Ptl. Disalvo continued giving commands, but maintained leash control of K9 Nash until they could get across S. Main Street, which was filled with vehicle traffic. After making it across, K9 Nash was deployed and further warnings were given.

K9 Nash chased the suspect into the Revere Village apartment complex, ending the approximately 300 yard foot chase in front of 929 Revere Village. At this location, the suspect jumped onto the roof of a vehicle parked in the lot to avoid being physically apprehended by K9 Nash. The suspect continued to not follow orders and was pulled off the roof of the vehicle by Ptl. Disalvo. Once on the ground, the suspect tensed up and refused to allow his hands to be controlled or handcuffed, resulting in a physical apprehension by K9 Nash. The suspect was initially bit on the head, but K9 Nash quickly moved to a leg and the suspect was able to be secured into handcuffs. The suspect was checked by medics and booked on several charges to include Robbery, Forgery and Resisting Arrest.

Respectfully submitted,

Sgt. Bradley M. Lambert

Kettering Police K9 Unit Supervisor

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