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September 2017 Catch




Officers were dispatched to Hucks at 3951 N Green River Road at 0238 hrs for a subject with a knife. The caller stated that the Hispanic male from an earlier run was back in the store and pulled a knife on him. The caller said that he had locked himself in a back room, but the suspect was standing outside at that time with a 5 inch blade. The suspect was wearing a dirty white shirt with 3 different colored stripes. Officer Elfreich was the first arriving officer on scene and observed the suspect at the northeast corner of Lynch/Green River Rd just south of the store. Officer Elfreich got out and confronted the suspect who then fled on foot to the north and west into a tree line. Other officers quickly arrived and set up a good perimeter to the south, west, and east. Officer Elfreich then talked with the clerk quickly and determined we had Felony Intimidation with a Deadly Weapon.

K-9 Gero and I went enroute at 0240 hrs and arrived at 0247 hrs. I then deployed K-9 Gero on a 15-foot tracking lead and harness at 0250 hrs. I yelled 3 K-9 warnings and after getting no response, I gave Gero the command to track. Gero was quick to pick up on the track where Officer Elfreich saw the suspect enter the woods. We went into the woods and quickly encountered very thick brush and uneven terrain. After a little time in the woods, we were off the track. We worked our way to the west and north of where we entered the woods, but never picked up on anything. We worked our way around back toward where we started. We then picked back up on our track, this time working to the south. We continued to the south, working to the fence/wood-line near Lynch Rd. We then worked to the west. We continued for a good distance, eventually working to the north for a short time. Gero circled up back to the south near the fence-line by Lynch. Gero then started pulling me harder to the west. I thought we were close to the suspect, so I yelled another K-9 warning. We continued to work to the west through thick and tall vegetation. I then felt slack in the line and shined my flashlight towards Gero and saw that he had apprehended the suspect on the left leg at 0336 hrs, 46 minutes after we started our track.

After giving orders to put his hands up in English and Spanish and after the suspect complied and I saw that both hands were empty at the moment, I released K-9 Gero from the apprehension. We then watched the suspect until other assisting units made their way to us. Officer Giles placed the suspect in custody at 0338 hrs. The suspect, later identified as Iban Velazquez, was then walked out to the roadway.

Velazquez was then transported to Deaconess Midtown Hospital for treatment. Velazquez, who defecated in his pants, received medical treatment for his injuries which were photographed by Crime Scene Det. Pieszchalski. After being medically cleared, Velazquez was transported to VCCC where he was charged with Intimidation with a Deadly Weapon and Resisting Law Enforcement.

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