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Catch of the Quarter (4th)




In the evening of Thursday November 2nd, 2017, Kettering Officers were dispatched to a location on the east side of the city in regards to a disturbance. A subject, later identified as William D. Zale, was on scene causing a family problem. Mr. Zale was instructed to stand by as Officers made contact with the Complainant, but instead he jumped in his vehicle and left the scene. It was learned this vehicle was taken without the permission of the owner. In addition, it was learned that Mr. Zale had an entered felony warrant, through Florida, with full extradition. As a result, Officers began searching for Mr. Zale in regards to the felony warrant and 3 misdemeanor charges through the City of Kettering for Driving Without Consent, Obstructing Official Business and Fleeing and Eluding.

During the early morning hours of Friday November 3rd, Kettering Officers learned of Mr. Zale’s cell phone number and received word of possible injury to him. A call to the cell company was initiated and the resulting ping found Mr. Zale to be in the New Carlisle area. Clark County Sheriffs Office was contacted and a Deputy located Mr. Zale still inside the stolen vehicle. A pursuit ensued, resulting in Mr. Zale crashing the vehicle in the area of 5803 Scarff Road in Bethel Township. Mr. Zale was able to elude capture on foot, so Ptl. Maloney and K9 Jax of the Kettering Police Department were called for a track.

At the time of the track it was raining and had been for some time, which made the track complicated, even though it was in a sparse area of housing with large properties. K9 Jax was deployed on a track, which led through some wooded areas, lasting almost an hour. During the track, K9 Jax ended up in the back and side yards of 5807 Scarff Road multiple times, showing a lot of interest and not wanting to go anywhere else. Ptl. Maloney and Clark County SO Deputies were attempting to gain entry into a barn structure when one Deputy observed Mr. Zale lying in a flowerbed approximately 20 yards away.

Mr. Zale was in obvious medical need due to a drug overdose. In addition, he had a bleeding head injury as a result of the vehicle crash. Mr. Zale was taken into custody and transported to Miami Valley Hospital for treatment, where he fully recovered. If Mr. Zale had not been located during this K9 track, it is likely he would have died.

Respectfully submitted,

Sgt. Bradley M. Lambert

Kettering Police K9 Unit Supervisor

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