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December 2017 Catch




Officer Doughman and his canine partner Helix were dispatched to 6867 Maple within Franklin Township to assist Warren County to help locate a male juvenile that had fled from a residence after stabbing holes in the wall and threatening to harm himself and was last seen holding a knife as he fled the rear of the residence.

On arrival Officer Doughman deployed his canine, Helix, from the last seen location of the suspect. A perimeter in the surrounding area had been set up. Officer Doughman and his canine partner, Helix, began tracking at 6867 Maple Drive, heading west into the back of the side yard and continued toward the tree line that ran across the creek bed at the back of the property. Officer Doughman and his canine partner, Helix, then entered the rear properties of Catckills Drive and continued west through the back yard to the front yards, crossing Catckills Drive. At this point, Officer Doughman and his canine partner, Helix, were on the west side of Catckills and heading west into the rear of the properties, where canine Helix stopped and began to circle a thicket of woods. The thicket was checked by a Warren County Deputy due to the subject being tracked was a juvenile. After the thicket was checked, canine Helix picked up the track again, this time heading back in the direction of northwest toward Hamilton Middletown Rd. They then crossed Hamilton Middletown Rd and entered onto the property of Wood Hill Cemetery and continued to track west into a large wooded area. At this time, canine Helix stopped and put his head up high and began zig zagging and showed that he was in odor. Officer Doughman then used his flashlight to scan the wood line and observed a pair of shoes and the subject’s legs sticking out from a bush. The juvenile was then commanded to stand up and walk towards the officers. The juvenile did as he was ordered, was taken into custody and later transported to the hospital for evaluation.

Respectfully submitted,

Major Andy Warrick

Middletown Police

1 Donham Plaza

Middletown, Ohio 45042

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