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January 2018 Catch




I responded to 1202 S Kentucky for a Residential Entry. When I arrived I spoke with the victim, who stated that her ex-boyfriend, Everett Easterling, had left his vehicle in her driveway due to some mechanical issues with it. The victim stated that Easterling came over this evening to move his vehicle to his brother’s house. The victim stated Easterling began to become upset and started yelling that he was coming in because she had someone inside with her. The victim told Easterling not to come in and kept her front storm door locked. Easterling became enraged and kicked the door in. This entry was caught on the victim’s cell phone which I viewed. The victim stated she was then able to exit the residence, at which time she stated Easterling remained inside and took $100 from her. The victim stated she and Easterling have been separated for 6 months and that he has no personal belongings in her residence at this time.

I then confirmed that there were no other occupants inside the residence, which the victim confirmed. I then deployed my certified police K9, K9 Bohdan, approached the threshold of the front door and gave two loud K9 warnings, “Police department K9, come out now or I will send my dog and you will be bit.” Hearing no response, I then commanded K9 Bohdan to attempt to locate Easterling. K9 Bohdan and I cleared the residence. As I exited the residence, I walked around the south side driveway, at which time; K9 Bohdan immediately gave a very strong pull into the back yard of the neighbor’s residence to the south. K9 Bohdan was extremely anxious and began to search the back yard of the residence frantically, finally stopping at the back fence line. I noticed several pieces of fence that appeared to have been kicked away as if someone had just attempted to climb the fence. There was also a detached garage behind the original residence that I had K9 Bohdan also search. Prior to the garage search, I gave another K9 warning. The garage was cleared. I then returned to my car and recovered my 20 foot tracking lead and brought K9 Bohdan back to the alley where I felt there was a good possibility that Easterling was hiding. Due to this area being approximately 10 yards away from my K9 warning at the garage, as well as two uniformed police officers positioned very closely, I used the warning and time given from the garage warning. I then presented the area directly behind the fence line where K9 Bohdan show the extreme interest in. After only a few seconds, K9 Bohdan acquired the track and continued south in the alley, east between houses, back south to Monroe and back west along Monroe. K9 Bohdan continued tracking along the south side of Monroe, finally locating Easterling sitting on the side steps of a residence located at the Southeast corner of Kentucky and Monroe. I commanded Easterling to show me his hands, which he did. I then walked Easterling out to Ky Av where Officers Hosterman and McCrarey placed him in custody. K9 Bohdan apprehended Easterling on the right shin causing a puncture wound.

Sgt Brown arrived and interviewed Easterling at the scene and CSTU Det Pieszchalsky photographed his one puncture wound at the scene. Easterling was then transported to Deaconess Emergency Room where he was treated and released to jail.


Sgt. Jason Thomas

K-9 Unit Supervisor

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