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February 2018 Find




At 0205 hrs on February 21st, 2018, Ptl. Devin Maloney and K9 Jax from the Kettering Police Department responded to 680 E. Central Ave. in West Carrollton to assist West Carrolton PD with a traffic stop. West Carrolton Officers had stopped a vehicle, during which time furtive movements were observed. In addition, the occupants had a recent drug history and the Officers were denied consent to search. Ptl. Maloney deployed K9 Jax, beginning at the center rear of the vehicle. Upon reaching the back passenger side door seam, K9 Jax’s behavior changed, resulting in a final alert of biting, scratching and growling at the door seam. A search of the interior of the vehicle occurred, with nothing found initially. However, while searching more thoroughly, Ptl. Maloney noticed small scratches on the hard plastic backing attached to the rear of the front passenger seat. Ptl. Maloney inspected it closer, observing it appeared like tamper marks. As he forced this plastic backing off, he located 25 grams of methamphetamine and a small pill bottle with 5 grams of cocaine inside. The suspect was arrested for felony drug possession as a result of this use. K9 Jax had indicated at the exact spot that would have been the closest location to where the drugs were hidden. As a result, Ptl. Maloney gave that area extra attention during the search. Without the use of K9 Jax, this vehicle would not have been searched and the narcotics would not have been located.

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