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April 2018 Catch




Officer Morgan and canine partner “Chase” were dispatched to a burglary in progress on April 11, 2018. Prior to arrival the subject fled out the front garage door as Patrol were attempting to set up a perimeter.

On arrival Officer Morgan deployed canine “Chase” on a track starting in 2800 block of Grand Ave. they headed west bound, then south bound toward Lopane Ave. going over several fences and between houses. The track then continued west bound to 2700 block of Lopane Ave. into a heavily wooded area behind 2705 Lopane Ave.

Canine “Chase” then indicated in a heavy thicket of the location of the subject William Ashley. Officer Morgan could also see the subject attempting to conceal himself. Officer Morgan gave loud canine warnings for him to come out and show his hands, he refused to comply and at which time canine “Chase” was deployed to apprehend William Ashley. Officer Morgan followed his canine at a short distance and canine “Chase” initially bit the subject in face at which time the subject made his arms available by attempting to grab hold of the canine, canine “Chase” than bit the subjects left arm, at this point William Ashley complied. Once Officer Morgan gained control he immediately verbally called canine “Chase” out.

The canine team of Officer Morgan and canine “Chase” demonstrating the skills of tracking and officer safety kept fellow officers from getting injured and putting a felony subject in jail. Items taken from the burglary were located on the subject and he was charged with burglary, possession of criminal tools, and obstructing official business.

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