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May 2018 Catch




On May 7th, 2018 at approximately 1611, I was contacted by deputies about Dylan Klosterman threatening to shoot a neighbor during a dispute. Dylan`s father rents a room at the residence and we had several witnesses on scene say they heard the threat. Dylan is known to be a violent person and has past arrests involving level 6 criminal recklessness and in 2016, he stabbed his father.

The homeowner on scene said Dylan was inside with his father, Troy Klosterman. Deputies were able to obtain a key to the back of the residence where Dylan`s father rents a room connected through a breezeway. Deputy Luecke unlocked the back door and I was able to see a person moving around inside through an open window. The subject later identified as Troy listened to deputies’ commands and exited the residence with his hands in the air. Troy said he inside sleeping, and wasn`t sure if Dylan was inside.

After getting confirmation that no one else should be inside, I took my certified K9 partner Archie to the rear door and made a loud verbal announcement. I shouted into the residence, "Sheriff`s Office K9, anybody inside, come out now or you will get bit". I did not receive a response from anyone inside, so I made a second announcement stating the same thing. After waiting again and not receiving a response, I sent Archie into the house to search for Dylan. Archie searched multiple rooms down stairs before finally going up a flight of stairs to a shut door. In order to gain access to the flight of stairs, I had to open another shut door and held my dog by his collar while making another announcement for anyone inside to come out. Archie waited several seconds and went up the stairs quickly clearing an attic space to the left. Archie then reappeared on the stairs and started showing interest in the closed door at the top of the stairs. Archie jumped against the door several times before the door swung open and Archie entered the room. Once Archie entered the room, the door shut behind him and I was unable to see my partner. After waiting several seconds, Deputy Board and Deputy Luecke approached the door with me.

While up next to the door, I was able to hear my partner inside checking the area and panting. Suddenly, Archie stopped his panting and I knew he had closed his mouth to suck in more odor through his nose. Shortly after Archie`s breathing change, I heard a male behind the door start to scream. Deputy Board and Deputy Luecke entered the room with me and found that Archie had apprehended Dylan on his right arm. Dylan was instructed to show his hands and at first would not comply with commands. Once Dylan showed deputies his hands, I climbed onto the bed where Dylan was hiding under clothes and removed Archie. Dylan was taken into custody by Deputy Luecke and transported to Deaconess. Dylan was released from Deaconess and taken to the Vanderburgh County Detention Center for felony intimidation. Dylan claimed he was asleep, but his father outside of the residence admitted to hearing multiple warnings including the ones given inside of the residence. Troy Klosterman's admission was recorded on Deputy Board’s camera. Dylan also claimed to only hearing me instruct my K9 to "check" in rooms which conflicted with his story of sleeping while we were inside the house.

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