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May 2018 Find




On 05/22/2018, I assisted other JTF detectives at 1613 Rheinhardt Ave. I arrived on scene and detectives advised that Rashaad Bushrod, whom had an active felony warrant was possibly inside the residence. I gave my verbal commands at the rear door of the residence with no response and deployed my K9 partner. My K9 partner did not alert on the presence of anyone inside. While attempting to hook up my K9 partner to exit the residence, I observed my dog was alerting to the presence and /or odor of narcotics in the Northeast bedroom. My dogs breathing changed as his breaths became long and deep. He focused his attention on a small cardboard style box on the bed. He then sat and stared at this small box on the bed.

I advised the detectives what my k9 had alerted on and exited the residence. I reentered the residence and checked the small box on the bed of the Northeast residence. Inside the box was a folded piece of aluminum foil. Inside the foil was a grayish powder that later field tested positive for heroin and had a field weight of 9 grams. I also found two (2) digital scales on the dresser of the bedroom.

This find took place on Detective Patterson’s first day working with his K9 Partner after just completing his training program.

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