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July 2018 Catch




On Sunday, July, 22nd 2018 at approximately 11:36 PM at 320 Harmony Ln, I, Patrolman Kyle Stone did deploy K9 Exo in relation to a Burglary In Progress Residence. During the course of this deployment, K9 Exo was directed to perform the following tasks:

(1) - Search for Person/Building Search Residence - Conducted a building search reference to a residential burglary in progress. Upon arrival, I spoke with a Satchel Hallmark, the key holder. Hallmark stated he had observed someone inside the residence on a security camera. Hallmark then showed me the video of the suspect inside the home. Hallmark advised me that no one should be inside the home and anyone inside the home did not have permission to be there. Hallmark then provided me a key to the residence and gave me permission to search the home. I then removed Exo from my cruiser and approached the side door of the residence.I unlocked the door and opened it. I then provided a K9 warning. I shouted "POLICE DEPARTMENT WITH A K9, COME OUT NOW, OR I'LL SEND THE DOG YOU WILL BE BIT." I waited and heard no response or movement. I then shouted another warning. I shouted, "POLICE DEPARMENT WITH A K9, ANNOUNCE YOURSELF NOW, OR I'LL SEND THE DOG, YOU WILL BE BIT." Again, I received no response and heard no movement. I then commanded Exo to search the residence. During the search, I directed Exo into a closet. Inside the closet Exo located the suspect and apprehended her on the right forearm. The suspect was removed from the closest. The suspect was immediately detained with hand cuffs. As soon as the suspect was secure I requested EMS to my location in reference to the suspects injuries.

Exo was returned to the cruiser. Exo made no other contact with any individuals.

Kyle Stone

K-9 Unit

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