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August 2018 Catch




Evansville Police Officers were dispatched to Evans and Madison in reference to a property damage accident. Officer Jones arrived on scene and approached the involved parties. The victim pointed to the driver and stated that he was the driver of the van. Officer Jones approached the driver who immediately fled on foot. Officer Jones began pursuing him on foot for about two blocks before he lost sight of him. Officers remembered a van on the stolen sheet that was the same type and color. Officers determined that the van was stolen from a burglary in Vanderburgh County the previous night. Officer Jones then requested a k9 for tracking purposes. He held that last point seen until I arrived.

I arrived on scene and located Officer Chris Jones where I observed a wallet on the ground and he was believed to have jumped the fence. I went around to the alley where I gave my warning "Evansville Police K9 come out or you will be bitten." I deployed K9 Doc in the alley and we began tracking east in the alley and then north along the east side of a residence on Adams Ave. We tracked to the front of the residence where Doc went up on the porch and around to the west side of the house. I knew we were close due to his breathing pattern change and appeared to be working out his location in the immediate area. We went back along the west side of the house on a wheelchair ramp. Doc went off the right side of the ramp and then crawled on his belly under the ramp where he apprehended the suspect. I jumped off the ramp and looked under where I observed Doc apprehending him on the shoulder. I immediately began yelling stop resisting and to come out. I also told him to show me his hands. I grabbed K9 Doc by the collar and pulled them both out. When I observed both of his hands, I took K9 Doc off the apprehension. Officer Jones overheard me yelling commands and came to my location and placed him into custody. No other force was used by the Evansville Police.

Officer Jones transported him to Deaconess Hospital for treatment from the K9 apprehension. Vanderburgh County Detectives were notified and they took over the investigation for the burglary and auto theft. He was then booked into the Vanderburgh County Confinement Center.

John Montgomery


Evansville Police Department K9 Unit

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