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Find of the Quarter 2018 (3rd)




On 09/11/2018 at about 01:23 hours I conducted a traffic stop on a suspended driver. During further investigation of the stop the other two occupants inside the vehicle were found to have outstanding felony and misdemeanor warrants. As all 3 were taken into custody as the driver denied consent to search. I deployed K9 Raji and brought him up to the stopped vehicle for a free air sniff. As I was walking him up to the front of the car I observed a strong head snap and a change of breathing in Raji. He began to pull me down the driver’s side of the vehicle and his tail began to wag. Raji showed abnormal behavior as he jumped up and stuck his head into the driver’s door. He began to bracket along the trailing edge of the driver’s door. He then stuck his nose into the trailing edge of the door and gave a final confirmation sniff. Raji sat and placed his paw between the driver’s door and rear passenger door alerting to the presence/odor of illegal narcotics.

A search pursuant to the alert revealed a grinder that contained a green leafy substance, a glass stem, a digital scale and a handgun that was hidden inside a car seat. The back rear passenger that was located next to the car seat was identified as a serious violent felon through his criminal history check. All 3 subjects were jailed without incident.

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