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November 2018 Catch




At 0454 hrs on 21 November, 2018, Ptl. Devin Maloney and K9 Jax of the Kettering Police Department were dispatched to assist Xenia Police Department with searching for a Domestic Violence suspect. Officers from XPD had been dispatched to a residence on Deer Creek Drive due to the suspect assaulting his live-in girlfriend before fleeing the apartment complex out the back door on foot.

Ptl. Maloney arrived on scene and deployed K9 Jax while a perimeter was being set up. He had K9 Jax check the nearby parking lot first. After not picking up a scent there, he moved to a small grassy area just east of the back door. K9 Jax immediately picked up a scent and followed it for several hundred yards south between houses and through backyards. K9 Jax then reached a tall fence separating the back yard on Reid Ave. and W. Main Street. K9 Jax turned left and began heading east through the back yards on the south side of Reid. After tacking through several back yards and jumping multiple fences, perimeter officers advised over the radio that they had a suspect in custody in front of a residence on Reid Road up ahead of Ptl. Maloney and K9 Jax. Apparently, the K9 team had kicked the suspect up, who attempted to run but was caught by perimeter.

Without the assistance of Ptl. Maloney and K9 Jax a suspect wanted for Felony Domestic Violence and Felonious Assault may have gone free that evening. As a result of not being found, the suspect may have had the opportunity to return and do more harm to the victim. The fact the K9 team was able to assist with the apprehension of the suspect a potential tragedy was averted and dangerous suspect was taken into custody.

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