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December 2018 Catch




At 0118 hrs on 25 December, 2018, Sgt. Andrew Disalvo and K9 Nash of the Kettering Police Department, Ohio, were dispatched to Irelan Park in Kettering to assist with locating a suicidal adult female. The subject had walked away from a nearby home and items belonging to her were found in this park. Furthermore, she was said to have taken an unknown type and amount of pills prior to leaving on foot, saying she wanted to die. The current weather was in the mid 20’s and the subject was not dressed for the conditions.

Officers had walked around the area near where the property was discovered in the park. As such, Sgt. Disalvo started casting K9 Nash at a greater distance around this area in an attempt to avoid scent left by the officers. K9 Nash quickly discovered a track and headed west through the park. K9 Nash continued for several hundred yards, turning southwest into the nearby neighborhood. He tracked through the backyard of 1340 Quail Bend and 1321 Quail bend before turning west and tracking onto the property of 1312 Partridge Run Circle. K9 Nash continued around the northwest side of the house, which was a duplex and proceeded down the driveway. As he got near the vehicles, his head came up and K9 Nash started showing that he was air scenting a strong odor source. As he made it to the front of a pickup truck in the driveway, Sgt. Disalvo observed the subject sitting down between the vehicles. Sgt. Disalvo held K9 Nash back so the subject would not be bit, at which point the back-up officer took her into custody. She was becoming groggy as a result of the pills she took and was cold. The medics responded and transported her to the hospital for treatment and she was involuntarily admitted for a psychological evaluation.

If not for the involvement of this well trained K9 team this female may not have been located. The outstanding job of locating her may very well have avoided a tragedy. Sgt. Disalvo and K9 Nash should be commended for their efforts and success during this incident.

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