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January 2019 Find




On 1-29-19, Detectives in the Evansville Vanderburgh Drug Task Force were investigating an individual for dealing methamphetamine. Sgt Eads with the Vanderburgh County Sheriff followed in behind him and observed him fail to signal a turn. I, Det. John Montgomery, activated my emergency lights to make a traffic stop on the vehicle. It was a black Lexus SUV. We were aware that he was possibly in possession of a firearm at the time. We asked the driver to step out and walk back to us. At this time he put the vehicle in reverse and began backing towards us. We began yelling at him to stop at which time he did for a split second and then continued backing up towards us. We continued yelling at him to stop the vehicle and he finally did. The driver rolled down the windows and walked back to us. Sgt. Mike Bishop patted him down and began speaking with him. The driver stated that he had a large amount of cash on him and stated that he had a gun in the truck and that it was his constitutional right to have a gun. The suspect had no permit in Indiana or Tennessee. While Sgt. Mike Bishop was working through the traffic stop, I deployed my narcotics certified K9 Doc around the car for a free air sniff. K9 Doc alerted on the passenger side of the SUV and climbed under the passenger side of the SUV. I looked under where he alerted and located a black plastic magnetic box stuck to the frame. It contained a large amount of methamphetamine and some pills. Sgt Bishop placed the suspect in custody and placed him in the patrol car. I located a handgun laying in the front passenger seat along with a box of ammunition. Photographs were taken of the items seized and I cleared the weapon. Detectives took possession of the evidence with the $1741 in US Currency and I towed the vehicle from the scene.

Respectfully Submitted

Sergeant Jason Thomas

K-9 Unit Supervisor

Evansville Police Department

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