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Officers were dispatched to the area to assist in reference to a pursuit entering Evansville from Webster, CO, KY. Webster CO SO was in pursuit of a silver Pontiac Grand Prix. Webster CO advised that one of the occupants had a felony warrant out of their county, along with another male and a female.

Officers arrived in the area and discovered that the suspect car had crashed into the It was advised by the deputy that everyone had felony charges for burglary and one of the males will likely be armed.

K-9 Gero and I arrived @ 0257 hrs and talked to the Webster County Deputy about the pursuit and the occupants. At 0302 hrs, I deployed K-9 Gero on a15-foot tracking lead and yelled 2 K-9 warnings. Officer Grimes was tracking with us. We then checked an open garage where the man door was standing open at 0311 hrs. While tracking, we were notified that there were .45 cal rounds in the car. We continued to track to the east, crossing Marshall. We then continued east to the east side of a residence. We then went south on the east side of the house. We then continued to track south behind another residence and back to the west. I then saw the suspect on the front porch at of a house and yelled commands at him. Courtney was taken into custody by Grimes at 0317 hrs.

Courtney was handed off to another patrol unit so Grimes could continue to track with us for the other suspects.

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