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March 2019 Find




We, Doug Bueltel, and my Certified Police K-9 Partner, Gero, were requested by Indiana State Police on a traffic stop on Maxwell Ave near Old Business 41 at 0109 hrs to do a free air sniff around a truck they had stopped for a traffic violation. ISP had the driver detained for OMVWI investigation, but the suspect had a narcotics history. We went enroute and arrived on scene at 0116 hrs. Trooper Eaton advised that he had detained the driver, but the driver was nervous and had prior drug related charges.

We then proceeded to do a free air sniff at approximately 0119 hrs, starting at the front passenger's headlight, working counter-clock-wise, and then reversed in the opposite direction once we made it to the front driver's headlight. We used a 6 ft lead for the search. On the initial trip around the truck, K-9 Gero had a slight breathing change on the driver's side rear of the truck. After finishing our first trip and making our reverse trip around the truck, K-9 Gero again got into odor near the rear of the truck. K-9 Gero worked odor back towards the truck (into the wind) and eventually scratched at the toolbox near the cab of the truck. I then kept K-9 Gero moving along and he checked the open window of the cab. K-9 Gero had a breathing change and then without any direction, jumped into the cab of the truck. K-9 Gero was still working odor and scratched near the center console. I then placed K-9 Gero back in my patrol car.

I then assisted Trooper Eaton looking in the truck. I was looking on the passenger side of the truck. After checking the front passenger area of the cab, I scooted the seat forward. I then observed a pill bottle, a small green metal smoking pipe, and a wooden one hitter dugout just behind the center console area where K-9 Gero had alerted. Trooper Eaton then collected the items. Inside the pill bottle was a corner baggie which later tested positive for Methamphetamine with a field weight of less than 1g. The green metal pipe and one hitter dugout both had marijuana residue in them. The driver was arrested on multiple charges.

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