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Find of the Quarter 2019 (2nd)




At approximately 2200 hrs on 15 April 2019, Officers had a subject run from them in the area of S. Dixie Hwy in Kettering Ohio on foot. Officers gave chase, during which the suspect got out of view for only a few seconds behind the nearby Walmart. Officers eventually caught the suspect and he was unable to give a clear and convincing reason for running. As a result, Officers believed the suspect may have discarded contraband during the foot pursuit.

Ptl. Brent Wright and K9 Fuse from the Kettering Police Department in Ohio responded to this location. K9 Fuse is a narcotics detection dog trained also in evidence search. K9 Fuse was released on an article search throughout the area the foot pursuit covered, specifically focusing on that area where the suspect went out of view. K9 Fuse vigorously worked the area, but didn’t initially find any objects. Ptl. Wright and K9 Fuse were not ready to give-up, instead deciding to work back in the opposite direction. This time, K9 Fuse caught scent of an object around the bins containing shopping carts. K9 Fuse had a noticeable change of behavior (tail wagging and general excitement) that led to him barking. K9 Fuse then was seen trying to reach under a row of shopping carts. Closer inspection of this area yielded a loaded firearm the suspect had thrown during the foot pursuit.

The hard work and effort by this K9 Team directly resulted in CCW and Weapons Under Disability charges (both felonies in Ohio), that would not have otherwise occurred without their find. Their efforts and success deserves recognition. This find may have resulted in saving a life since the firearm will no longer be in possession of this criminal.

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