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December 2019 Find


K-9 OX


On December 3, 2019 at 2253 hours, Ptl. Brandon Harrison of the Kettering Police Department conducted a stop of a vehicle in the area of Wilmington Pike and Forrer Blvd in Kettering Ohio. Both the driver and passenger were showing signs of nervousness. The driver had excessively shaking hands. The passenger tried not to look at Ptl. Harrison, was breathing heavily and refused to properly identify himself. Consent to search the vehicle was refused.

Ptl. Harrison deployed his K9 partner, K9 Ox, on a free air sniff beginning at the front bumper of the vehicle. As they worked around the vehicle, K9 Ox came to a final indication by sitting and looking at the driver’s door. A probable cause search of the interior of the vehicle was conducted, during which a burnt spoon was located in the center console. The glove-box, where the passenger had been seated, was found locked. The vehicle key was used and when the glove-box was unlocked a loaded Taurus 9mm, model 709 slim, was located.

The passenger was arrested for Carrying a Concealed Weapon and Drug Paraphernalia. This find would not have been possible without the probable cause established by the usage of K9 Ox. Their teamwork and training should be commended.

Lt. Bradley M. Lambert

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