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January 2020 Catch




On January 27th officers were dispatched to a subject with a gun. The victim reported that someone had kicked in her door, entered her home, and then hit her with the gun. Dispatch could hear the reporter yelling at someone to “get out of my house.” The victim advised that the suspect was driving a gray Impala that was in the alley. As Officers arrived they advised that they heard what could have possibly been a gunshot and then saw the Impala going east in the alley. The suspect then drove south through a yard and out onto the street where he parked the vehicle and turned out all lights but did not exit the vehicle. Officers created a perimeter around the vehicle to contain the suspect. Lt. Wittmer retrieved the Bearcat to utilize for an approach.

Due to dark tint on the windows officers were unable to see the suspect inside the vehicle, but he had not been seen exiting the vehicle and officers never lost sight of it. Once the Bearcat arrived an arrest team was set up including a 40mm, K9 Officer Ross and K-9 Hiki. K-9 Hiki was wearing his ballistic vest and was hooked to a 50 foot lead. The Bearcat was placed in a position to prevent the vehicle from fleeing again. Officers used the PA to order the suspect out of the vehicle. The suspect finally opened the passenger door and exited the vehicle, but refused to follow officer’s commands. The suspect also stated that he was not going to get on the ground. A SWAT Officer eventually fired one sponge round striking the suspect in the leg and with that distraction Officer Ross deployed his partner Hiki. The suspect attempted to briefly fight off the dog, but was quickly apprehended by K-9 Hiki. The suspect was placed into custody. The vehicle was later determined to be stolen.

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