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February 2020 Catch




On 2-10-20, Vanderburgh County Sheriff Sgt Jeff South initiated a traffic stop in the Pleasant Ridge Trailer park. The driver of the vehicle had been identified prior to the stop. The suspect had multiple warrants for Resisting Law Enforcement. He had been the driver in two previous pursuits in Vanderburgh County. He also had a felony warrant out of Posey County.

When he made the traffic stop, the suspect was exiting his car and then jumped back in and drove off through the yards and back out on to the street. Sgt South pursued him through the neighborhood where he pulled over and fled through the trailer park. I, K-9 Officer John Montgomery of the Evansville Police Department, arrived on scene and spoke with detectives. The detectives and a neighbor stated that he went to the west from our location and gave me a description. K9 Doc and I headed toward the tree line where I gave an announcement Evansville Police K9 come out I`ll send my dog you will be bitten. Montgomery tracked through the trailers to the west into the tree line. We tracked around a house and went toward an old shed. K9 Doc went around the shed and apprehended the suspect in the lower right leg. The suspect fell to the ground and quickly was trying to get K9 Doc to let go. I began giving commands to show me his hands. Once I could see both of his hands, K9 Doc was taken off the apprehension. Det Patterson and Deputy Terhune placed the suspect in custody. Weir was transported to Deaconess Hospital for treatment. I took photographs of the injury site with my body camera.

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