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February 2020 Find




On 02/12/20 at 08:23 hours, Officer Dennis Jordan and K-9 Koda stopped a white Chevy Tahoe. During the stop several indicators of criminal activity were present at which time Officer Jordan deployed K-9 Koda on a vehicle sniff. As K-9 Koda began sniffing the driver’s door he became noticeably more excited, his tail began wagging faster, respirations increased, and he began to whine. This behavior is typical of him being in odor of narcotics. As he climbed up the door and started sniffing into the open window he quickly sat and began barking, which is his final alert. Officer Jordan was able to deploy him into the Tahoe at which time he crawled into the trunk and came to a final alert on a package. The package was removed and upon opening it the package was found to contain 20 lbs. of marijuana. The driver was placed under arrest for possession of drugs. The passenger was found to have a personal amount of methamphetamine on her person. As a result of the traffic stop a search warrant was executed on the driver’s address where 10 lbs. of methamphetamine, 8 lbs. of marijuana, and 3 handguns were recovered. The driver is being held on a first degree felony charges of trafficking, possession of drugs, and weapons under disability.

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