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April 2021 Catch




I am nominating K-9 Cash and Officer Cory Offerman for the April 2021 Catch of the month. Please give this Catch careful consideration. I believe that it is worthy of the USPCA 2021 Catch of the Year. I feel that K-9 Cash saved his life and the life of his Handler, Officer Cory Offerman.

On April 27th, 2021 Officer Cory Offerman, K-9 Cash, Officer Allison Farmer, and Officer Jacqueline Duff responded to a call on the west side of Evansville, IN to look for a subject wanted on a Felony Warrant. An off-duty Deputy saw the suspect walking in the area and knew that he had an active warrant. The Warrant was a Felony PTR for Dealing Meth., Poss. Syringe, and 2 counts of Poss. Of a controlled substance.

Officer went to the suspect’s listed address that was nearby. Officer Offerman and K-9 Cash were at the back of the residence. When Officer Duff knocked on the front door the suspect fled on foot out of the back door. Officer Offerman yelled a K-9 Warning stating, Police K-9 stop or you will be bit by a dog!” The suspect continued to run away so Offerman commanded K-9 Cash to apprehend the suspect. Cash apprehended the suspect on his left arm and knocked him to the ground. Officer Offerman had the suspect at gunpoint as he approached. Offerman immediately gave the suspect commands to show his hands and to stop grabbing the dog. The suspect was repeatedly reaching for his waist area with his free right hand. Twice the suspect would wince then pull his right hand upward toward K-9 Cash then reach back down toward his waist. While the suspect was being bit by a Police K-9 he appeared to look up at Officer Offerman several times as he was reaching for his waist. Officers Farmer and Duff then arrived to assist. Officer Duff grabbed the suspect’s right hand in an attempt to control it.

Once Offerman could see that the suspect did not have anything in his hands Offerman grabbed Cash’s collar and commanded him to release the apprehension. The suspect then got his right hand free, reached into his waist band, and removed a handgun. Offerman quickly grabbed the handgun. The suspect and Officers began struggling over the handgun. K-9 Cash was still holding on to his initial apprehension. The suspect was able to get the handgun free then raised it under his own chin and shot himself. K-9 Cash continued to hold his initial apprehension even after a gunshot was fired within a foot of his head. The suspect remained conscious after being shot. Officer Farmer arrived and handcuffed the suspect. Officer Duff began applying direct pressure to the wound. The suspect was transported to the local hospital then taken to a hospital in Indianapolis, IN.

After watching the body worn video repeatedly, I believe that the suspect was reaching for the gun immediately after he was apprehended by K-9 Cash. I believe that K-9 Cash prevented him from retrieving the gun for a time and stopped him from shooting Officer Offerman and K-9 Cash prior to other Officers arriving. Officers were very fortunate that K-9 Cash was there to make the apprehension. K-9 Cash and all Officers involved should be commended for their courage.

Respectfully Submitted,

Sgt. Jason Thomas

Evansville K-9 Unit

USPCA Region 5 President


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