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August 2021 Catch




On 08/22/2021 at approximately 2007 hours, deputies were dispatched to the intersection of Oak Hill Rd and Schmitt Lane reference two people by the side of the rod. Upon arrival deputies located victim on the west side of Oakhill Road across from Cresthaven Court. The victim was crying and appeared to have just been in a physical altercation. The victim informed deputies she was attacked by the offender, her boyfriend. The victim informed deputies offender had chased her on foot to this location where he attacked her in the woods on the west side of Oakhill Road. The victim stated offender had punched her numerous times and strangled her. The victim had obvious signs around her neck that she had been strangled. The victim stated the offender eventually left her and took off running south along Oakhill Road. The victim stated she believed the offender would be running to Pleasant Ridge Mobile Home Park.

Due to the felony strangulation and the offender fleeing on foot Deputy Terhune requested me and my K9 partner`s assistance. Once we arrived on scene Terhune pointed out a starting point by the wood line where no one else had walked and where the offender was last seen running. I went to my vehicle and placed my certified K9 Partner, Dozer, in his tracking harness and attached a 15 foot nylon lead to it. I lead Dozer over to the area gave two loud K9 warning yelling “sheriff’s officer k9 come out now or you will be bit then gave him the command to track.

Dozer began pulling me south along Oakhill Road for a short bit before pulling me west into the woods. Dozer then began working a thick vegetation area digging his nose under the vegetation. Dozer then locked up and alerted on property that we later found to be property belonging to the victim. The property included her sandals, plastic bag containing money, cigarettes, and her purse. Deputy Miller retrieved these items and I then gave Dozer the commands to track again. Dozer led me south through the woods for a short bit before pulling me east back out to the roadway. Dozer continued east across Oakhill road then back south through a couple front yards. Dozer then began pulling me east between a couple houses. Once through the houses Dozer turned back north and began tracking between the back yards of several houses until be came out to the end of Cresthaven Court. Dozer continued north behind a couple more house before he then began to pull me back east up beside another house and eventually out onto Lakeland Drive. Once out on Lakeland Drive we discovered we were just north of a residence on Lakeland Drive, which is the address of Arthur`s parent`s house where the back gate was standing open.

More units arrived to assist in making contact at the residence. K9 Dozer and I went to the open back gate and held the back door while deputies went to make contact at the front door. When deputies began knocking at the front door they observed the offender run toward the back of the house. At the same time when deputies began knocking Dozer began barking while we were at the rear of the house. Deputies advised once the offender made it to the rear of the house he turned around and slowly complied and came to the door. The offender was placed in custody with out further incident.

The total length of the track was approximately 0.35 of a mile according to google earth.


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