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February 2021 Find




Officers stopped a vehicle at 2119 E. Morgan Ave. at approximately 0340am on 01/29/21. Officers on the stop requested the assistance of a K9. I arrived on scene and spoke with the Officers on scene. The driver of the vehicle was already outside of the vehicle. I had assisting Officers remove the remaining occupants from the vehicle. I then retrieved my certified narcotics K9 partner, Kismet, from the rear of my patrol vehicle on a 6 foot narcotics lead. I then brought him to the front of the stopped vehicle. I had assisting Officers close the doors to the vehicle. I gave my K9 the command to “dope seek”. We then began our exterior vehicle air sniff. We started to the driver’s side of the vehicle. When K9 Kismet reached the front passenger side door area, he began to have a change in breathing, jumped up on his back legs with his front paws on the car, working backwards to the seam of the rear door and front door, and gave a final response by sitting and staring at the vehicle which is a positive indication to the presence of odor of a narcotic. I then took K9 Kismet back to my patrol vehicle and in the rear of the vehicle.

Located inside of the vehicle:

1 loaded syringe with .5 grams of meth inside

1 metal grinder

1 Scale


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