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February 2021 Catch




Officers were dispatched to 2217 Midvale St. where the caller's son was armed with a knife and high on methamphetamine and tearing up the house. Two officers arrived seconds before Ptl. Maloney and immediately were in a full on fight with the subject. The subject was seen holding a black objects and was refusing to comply with officers and was attempting to strike them. Ptl. Maloney then deployed K9 Jax as officers disengaged and the suspect charged Ptl. Maloney. At this time, the fight continued as the dog's apprehension was not stopping the suspect. During this fight, a taser was deployed and the suspect continued to fight. K9 Jax was adjusted to a different location at which point officers gained control of the suspect. Without the assistance of Ptl. Maloney and K9 Jax, the other officers could have easily been harmed and the situation may have escalated to the use of deadly force. The application of the K9 protected all officers, while being able to keep the level of force below deadly force. Based on this courageous deployment on a very violent subject who was not feeling pain, I nominate Ptl. Maloney and K9 Jax for Catch of the Month. Thank you.

Sgt. Andrew L. DiSalvo

City of Kettering, Police Division


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