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Find of the Quarter 2021 (1st)




On 03/29/2021 I was called to assist Deputy Burgdorf on his traffic stop at SR66 and I69. I arrived on scene and deployed my USPCA certified K9 partner, Dex, to do an open-air sniff around the vehicle. The driver was already out of the vehicle due to having an out of state warrant. As I began to walk him up to the starting position, the front passenger side bumper, I observed Dex’s head snap, his breathing became very heavy and he pulled me toward the driver`s side door seam. I then observed him jump up and place his front paws in the open window and he began to smell further into the vehicle. I then brought him to the starting position.

At this time, I started him around to the front driver`s side door seam. I again observed his head snap and his breathing became very heavy. He then again jumped up and placed his head into the open window. I then continued him around to the trunk of the car. I observed his head snap and his breathing became very heavy toward the center and right side of the trunk seam. We then continued to the passenger side door. He then again had a head snap, followed the door seam all the way up to the open window and actually jumped completely in the car. I could see him attempting to smell toward the back seat of the vehicle when he gave his final alert and sat down. I then had him jump out of the vehicle and I placed him back in my patrol vehicle. I knew through my training and experience that my K9 partner`s behavior was consistent with him being in the odor of illegal narcotics. I advised Dispatch of the positive K9 alert.

Located in a bag inside of the trunk was 144 grams of methamphetamine, a scale and several plastic baggies.


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