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Find of the Quarter 2021 (2nd)




On 4-28-21, Henderson City Police Department was dispatched to a Woodland Dr address in reference to a shooting that had just occurred. This was a domestic situation that had just occurred and a male tried to intervene. The male victim and suspect had an altercation and the victim fled from the residence while the suspect fired several rounds at him. Prior to officers arriving, the male suspect fled into the woods of Newman Park. After a period of time, officers observed a male come out of the woods and hide behind a dumpster. He was taken into custody at this time. Henderson City requested the assistance of an Evansville Police K9 Unit to perform an article search in the woods of Newman Park that is adjacent to the Woodland Apts. I was contacted by K9 Sgt to go in route to Henderson City, Kentucky to assist. I arrived on scene at Newman Park where I met a Deputy Sheriff with the Henderson County Sheriff's Office. They showed me the area of the woods they wished to be checked for the firearm. It began to be a light rain at this time. I deployed K9 Doc in the area along the path through the woods for an article search. After about twenty minutes, K9 Doc winded something and bracketed back and forth up toward a log. The weeds were thick and about 15-20 inches tall. I observed him root at something and I heard his teeth hit something metallic. K9 Doc brought up his head and I observed a black handgun with brown grips in his mouth. I outed the item from his mouth and notified Henderson City Detective. The firearm was a Rock Island 1911. They photographed the firearm and collected it for evidence. The investigation is still on going with the Henderson City Police Department.

Detective John Montgomery/K9 Doc

Evansville Police Department


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