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March 2021 Catch




On 3-1-2021, K9 Officer C Offerman, responded to the area of Adams/Linwood reference shots fired. Officers advised they had heard several shots in the area of Evans/Jefferson. Dispatch then began receiving multiple calls for shots fired. Callers reported hearing 10+ shots being fired and from two different types of guns. A medic run was then dispatched to a nearby home reference a subject shot. A witness stated that a b/m, hooded sweatshirt, fanny pack, with dreads had jumped his fence, pulled out a handgun and attempted to hide it in the backyard. The resident continued to state the b/m then picked back up the gun and continued west bound and was last seen jumping over a privacy fence.

With a subject shot, the close proximity and time frame of the b/m fleeing the area, his attempt to conceal a gun before ultimately retaining it and continued flight, Offerman deployed Certified Police K9 Cash on a 15` tracking lead to the area where the b/m was last seen jumping over the privacy fence. Officer P Goodman assisted on the track. I did not give a K9 warning due to the subject being armed with a gun for our safety. I took K9 Cash to the west side of the privacy fence (into the east side yard of 619 Adams) and instructed K9 Cash to track the armed, fleeing subject. K9 Cash did not leave the privacy fence and worked it back and forth. There was a shorter old chain link fence a couple feet away from the privacy fence. K9 Cash pulled to an overgrown bush and the fences. Offerman looked between the fences and observed a b/m with dreads lying face down between the fences. Offerman could not see his hands so he gave him several commands to show his hands as K9 Cash crawled under the chain link fence and apprehended the b/m on his left shoe. Officer C Egan arrived and placed him into handcuffs. The gun was located nearby.

Respectfully Submitted,

Sgt. Jason Thomas


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