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November 2020 Find




On 11-28-2020, our first night as the only K9 team for Vanderburgh County, Deputy

Terhune requested our assistance on a traffic stop for a free air sniff. Deputy Terhune

conducted a traffic stop on a green, 1995 Chevy pickup truck. Upon arrival I observed

the driver deny consent to search his person and vehicle to Deputy Terhune. Deputy

Terhune then asked the driver if he could shut his vehicle off, and driver denied that too.

Deputy Terhune then requested that a free air sniff be conducted by my K9 partner,


At that time I deployed K9 Dozer, a certified narcotics detector K9, on a six foot lead

and directed him to the passenger side head light for a free air sniff around the vehicle`s

exterior. We began a counterclockwise pattern of the vehicle from the passenger

headlight. As we passed by the drivers door seam K9 Dozer threw a head snap at the

door seam but continued past the driver`s door. As we continued down the driver side of

the vehicle I observed K9 Dozer close his mouth and begin sniffing using only his nose.

K9 Dozer also slowed is pace. Once we reached the rear tail light K9 Dozer reversed his

search pattern and began pulling me toward the driver`s door. K9 Dozer was still

ingesting odor with his mouth closed and only using his nose. K9 Dozer then sat looking

at the truck, back at me, then at the truck again. K9 Dozer`s behavior indicated to me

that he was in the odor of illegal narcotics.

During a search of the vehicle a small pouch was located inside the driver`s door. The

pouch contained small Ziploc baggies, a small metal container, and a hand rolled

cigarette containing a green plant like material. One baggy contained a white crystal like

substance that tested positive for Methamphetamine and had a field weight of 1.5 grams.

Inside the metal container was a baggy containing several burnt ends of hand rolled

cigarettes that contained green plant like material. The green plant like material from the

baggy and the hand rolled cigarette had a field weight of 1.0 grams and tested positive for


Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office

Deputy Luecke/K9 Dozer


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