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October 2020 Catch




On October 17th, 2020 at approximately 1411 hours, I was dispatched to Rode Road for a possible

domestic violence that had occurred. Once on scene, I met with Deputy Zwilling who informed me that

we had multiple felony charges, including criminal confinement. Deputy Zwilling said the offender was

last seen leaving the area traveling north across the street. Due to the current charges, the offender

having previous domestic violence convictions and a past burglary charge, I decided to deploy my

certified K9 partner Archie to locate him.

Sgt. Zuber lives in the direction the offender was last seen and told deputies he saw a white male t

raveling west. Deputy Taylor and I drove to Sgt. Zubers backyard to find a good spot to cast around my

partner. I made two loud K9 announcements, but I did not receive any cooperation. I then instructed my

partner to search for our suspect and he pulled me hard to the west. Archie indicated on a sweatshirt

that was located a few houses down and was the same description of what the offender was last seen

wearing. Archie continued to pull west through heavy vegetation and up to a chain link fence. Archie

kept working the fence line, eventually pulling me into a yard to the south and then west to Memory

Lane. Archie made a quick turn and pulled me down the block on the east side of the street. We crossed

Rode Road and went two houses south on Memory Lane when Archie pulled me across the street and

into the backyard of a residence on Memory Lane. Archie pulled me towards a yard barn in the backyard and showed interest by sniffing around all of the sides. Due to not knowing who could be in the yard barn, I made a K9 announcement for anyone inside to come or they would get bit by my dog. After my first announcement, I heard things moving around inside and the offender said he was coming out. Our

target was instructed to come out with his hands up and prone out on the ground. Deputy Taylor

approached the subject and placed him into custody. At no time during the incident was any force used

by myself or my partner.

Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Griffin Bush/K9 Archie


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