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October 2020 Find




On 10-29-20, K-9 Officer Kacey Ross and K-9 Hiki were assisting Detectives who were serving a felony arrest warrant. The Detectives had approached the target address prior to K-9 being in position in the back yard. When Officer Ross and K-9 Hiki arrived at the target location, K-9 Hiki began searching frantically and pulled Officer Ross to another yard of a nearby vacant home. Hiki alerted to a blanket on the ground. Under the blanket was 261.4 g of Methamphetamine and several counterfeit $100 bills. K-9 Hiki was focused when he entered the yard and Officer Ross was able to read his dog and trusted him when he was pulled to another location. If it were not for K-9 Hiki Officers would have never located these items.

Respectfully Submitted,

Sergeant Jason Thomas

Evansville Police Department

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